New promotion Primavita China

5 September 2019 • By Triscom

We like to share the new Primavita promotion in China.

You can see Primavita promotion on fairs, in shops, outside shopping malls and even on the back of the bus.

The promotion of the Primavita products in China is linking the clear green meadow, the fresh water, the beautiful clouds and the typical Dutch windmill with the Primavita products. 

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Primavita Libya on Tripoli fair April 2019

9 April 2019 • By Triscom

See the pictures of the beautiful stand of Primavita on the fair in Tripoli. This year a lot of promotion for the Primavita plus. The kids love to make a picture with the Primavita plus.

The sales of the Primavita products are going well.

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China SAMR approval for Primavita goat and cow products

4 April 2019 • By Triscom

On 1-4-2019 we have been approved by SAMR for producing Primavita cow formula 1,2 and 3 and Primavita goat formula 1,2 and 3.

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Succes for Triscom on Gulfood 2019 in Dubai

8 March 2019 • By Triscom

From 17 to 21 februari 2019 Triscom attended the Gulfood 2019 in Dubai. It was good to meet new- and existing customers and suppliers. We hope to follow up all the meetings and contacts in the coming weeks.

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Triscom attending Gulfood 2019 from 17 – 21 february

15 January 2019 • By Triscom

Already for the 5th time Triscom will attend the Gulfood fair from 17-21 februari.

This year we will have extra attention for our goat milk products.

We have:

Primavita formula 1 goat, from birth on

Primavita formula 2 goat, follow up formula

Primavita formula 3 goat, growing up milk

Primavita formula 4 goat, for children from 3-7 years

And a Primavita formula for adults

Ofcourse we also will show our range of cow milk formula’s

We have:

Primavita formula 1

Primavita formula 2

Primavita formula 3

Primavita formula 4

Primavita Plus formula

Primavita LF formula

Primavita AR formula

Primavita cereal rice vanilla

Primavita cereal rice mixed fruits

For adults we have Primavita HiCal milkpowder

We hope to meet you on our booth A2-52.

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