Primavita Middle East Market

31 August 2020 • By Primavita

We want to share some nice pictures of the Primavita products for the Middle East market. So sweet.

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Primavita sales china

9 June 2020 • By Triscom

Today we will show you some pictures of the sale of Primavita products in China. Everything is slowly starting up again. There is a lot of online promotion of Primavita products, which is possible to watch on any device.
Costumers are also beginning to visit the shops again and there are new training schedules for the shop staff.

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Trade Mission Indonesia Triscom Holland – IDH part 3

7 April 2020 • By Triscom

Thursday 12 March 2020

Visit Lion Superindo Supermarket.

On the last day of the trade mission in Indonesia, we visited a supermarket called Lion Superindo in Jakarta.

It was raining cats and dogs, but the employees of Lion Superindo were prepared with umbrella's to bring everyone dry inside.

Welcome by a few employees of Lion Superindo.

Inside we got a very warm welcome with coffee, tea and flowers.

Afterwards, we got a very nice performance by 2 dancers doing a traditional dance.

We also attended some presentations, were the working methods of Lion Superindo were explained. Which products do they sell, how to they advertise, how do they deal with employees etc.

After the presentations we were given a tour through the shop.

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Trade Mission Indonesia Triscom Holland – IDH part 2

30 March 2020 • By Triscom

Trade Mission Indonesia Triscom Holland – IDH part 2.

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Visit of KUD Cipanas Cooperative and dairy farm member of KUD Cipanas cooperative.

The Agri and Food delegation of the trade mission to Indonesia, visited the KUD Cinapas cooperation in Cinapas on wednesday the 11th of march. The delegation was welcomed with a lovely lunch and a presentation. This presentation gave an overview of the number of members, cows and the amount of milk produced. We looked around in the factory and saw the bulk trucks of the company. Most of the milk will be processed to drink yogurt. The rest of the milk will be transported to bigger factories, like Friesche Flag.

The packing line of the bottles drink yogurt.

The bulk trucks.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited a farm of one of the cooperation members. The average farmer has 6 cows. This particular farmer had 10.

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Trade Mission Indonesia Triscom Holland – IDH part 1.

24 March 2020 • By Triscom

Trade Mission Indonesia Triscom Holland – IDH part 1.

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Netherlands Trade Reception & Buffet with King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima.

On the occassion of the state visit of king Willem Alexander and queen Maxima, there was a state banquet on march the 10th. Prior to this banquet a group picture was taken of members of the trade mission and the royal couple.

After the photo moment the king spoke with a couple members in the hall.

Subsequently, the king and queen took the stage together with a Dutch and Indonesian minister, to sign several trade contracts between Dutch and Indonesian companies.

King Willem Alexander gave a speech where he stressed the importance of working together between The Netherlands and Indonesia.

Afterwards, VNO chairman Hans de Boer asked questions to several companies in the hall. Triscom Holland / IDH was being asked about the reason of attendance to this trade mission.

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