Primavita promotional video from Libya

18 October 2018 • By Primavita

Watch a very nice Primavita Plus promotional video from Primavita Libya here:

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Primavita plus launch

16 October 2018 • By Triscom

Triscom developed a new product: Primavita plus. This is a cow milk formula for children from 1-5 years and up. It has a pleasant taste with honey.

This milk for bigger children is introduced into the market because also for them it is import to drink milk in order to get sufficient calcium, pre- and pro biotics, minerals and vitamins. It is all included in this Primavita plus. With the pleasant taste you can be sure your child will love it.


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CBME fair Shanghai 2018

16 August 2018 • By Triscom

CBME fair Shanghai 2018

From 25-27 July Primavita was presented on the CBME fair in Shanghai.

This is the largest trade fair in the world for Child ,Baby and Maternity Products with 3300 exhibitors, 4700 brands on 293.757 sqm.

We had a beautiful booth.

And a lot of visitors who want more information about the Primavita China products.

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Primalac 10 years Hurray!!

3 July 2018 • By Triscom

Do you know we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our brand Primalac?

So good to see babies grow and be happy with healthy Primalac from Holland.

With Primalac we want to make premium products for the whole family.

Be happy with Primalac.

Primalac is a Triscom Holland brand and is produced in the Netherlands.

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Primavita China is going fast

27 June 2018 • By Triscom

In the China GT Championship you can see the Primavita 911 Porsche cars, in red and blue.

Wauw this looks so good.

For succes you need to have an excellent team.

And Primavita will be number 1.


Very good Primavita China. 

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