History of the Heino factory

4 November 2020 • By Triscom


Did you know that the movie about the last milk churn brought at our factory in Heino, has almost 100.000 views? You can see how we used to do things in 1985.

A lot has changed in 35 years. It was a huge change for a lot of people. Which some melancholy people think back on the time where milk in milk churns was picked up at the farms. Below an ode to the milk churn:

Battered, dented, you still hold on,

and you were the farmers righthand.

Often blinking an Majesty,

but now jostled by modern age.

Now you stand after a lot of effort and muddling,

rusting away in a corner, or on display.

Your service has ended for good,

Only a simple poem is your wage.

(M. Oonk, Breedenbroek)