Primalac 10 years Hurray!!

3 July 2018 • By Triscom

Do you know we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our brand Primalac?

So good to see babies grow and be happy with healthy Primalac from Holland.

With Primalac we want to make premium products for the whole family.

Be happy with Primalac.

Primalac is a Triscom Holland brand and is produced in the Netherlands.

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Primavita China is going fast

27 June 2018 • By Triscom

In the China GT Championship you can see the Primavita 911 Porsche cars, in red and blue.

Wauw this looks so good.

For succes you need to have an excellent team.

And Primavita will be number 1.


Very good Primavita China. 

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Triscom successful entrepreneur, Dutch Business Magazine, June 2018

25 June 2018 • By Triscom

Behind the walls of historical buildings lies an international producer of baby food

Nostalgic feelings and modern entrepreneurship mix perfectly together at Heino's family business.

It was a small item of about 10 lines in regional media. Without a doubt missed by many local entrepreneurs. Triscom, the baby formula producer from Heino, has signed a 50 million euro deal for 3 years during a national trading mission to China with exclusive agent GSTT Beijing. Reason enough to search for the succesfactor of the company.

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Primavita babies, part 2

20 June 2018 • By triscom

A new series of happy Primavita babies.

So sweet.

See the pictures after the read more.

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Primavita Libya, new arrival

23 May 2018 • By Triscom

New Primavita for the pharmacies. See the pictures after the click! 

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